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Pastor Larry Crawford & Open Arms Christian Fellowship hosted a Global Impact Summit for Hispanic Leaders in South & Central America & the Caribbean on Friday, April 24. Pastors

Larry Crawford & Cadmiel Santana (who is ordained by Open Arms and serves on the ministry team) were supposed to be on a mission trip in Mexico City April 13-20 but were unable to do so because of our current pandemic and travel restrictions. They were to lead Pastors' conferences, minister to churches and host evangelistic crusades. Open Arms is a local church with local impact and global impact. The conference was specifically for pastors & church leaders in the following countries: Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Guyana, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, & the United States (with specific churches in Miami, Connecticut, Boston, New York & New Jersey. One of Open Arms missionaries they regularly support is WCOM - World Christian Outreach Ministries. This mission oversees all these churches. It was founded by the late Apostle Dr. David Rahamut, which Pastor Larry traveled with for years on mission trips all around the world. His widow Pastor Val Rahamut is the President of WCOM. Pastor Jose

Luna is our Regional Director over these areas. Pastor Larry shared in English and Pastor Cadmiel translated the message in Spanish. Session 1 was on Leading Through a Crisis and Session 2 was How to Lead Your Church/Ministry in such a way it comes out of the crisis stronger and with greater impact. You can go to Open Arms Christian Fellowship YouTube Channel to watch both sessions. Pastors Larry and Cadmiel are planning to reschedule the trip to Mexico once the travel ban is lifted. Also, Open Arms have trips planned to Trinidad, Belize and an upcoming trip to Northern & Southern India.

Pastor Larry Crawford
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