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Lincoln IGA celebrates official re-opening with a ribbon cut

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[July 19, 2022]   Wednesday morning was the official day of celebration of the return of the Lincoln IGA by Charlie Lee, Corey Sutton and the staff of the popular grocery store in Lincoln.

Though Lincoln IGA observed a soft opening on Monday, March 7th, the ribbon cut marked the official return of the store.  Joining Lee and Sutton behind the ribbon were all the staff on duty Wednesday morning along with several community representatives.  Among the group and representing Logan County was Circuit Clerk Kelly Elias and County Clerk Theresa Moore.  From the city was Mayor Tracy Welch, Ward three Alderwoman Wanda Lee Rohlfs, Ward four Alderwoman Kathy Horn, Lincoln Fire Chief Bob Dunovsky, and City Clerk Peggy Bateman.  Also on hand was Logan County Fair Queen Caroline Ahrends, Lincoln Economic Advancement & Development Director Andrea Runge, and Logan County Tourism Director Alice Roate.


The event was led by Lincoln Daily News’ Nila Smith and Karen Hargis. 




 As everyone gathered behind the ribbon, Smith noted that ribbon cutting events usually include words such as courage, strength, tenacity and investment in community.  She noted that those words were the purest definition of Charlie Lee and all the staff at the Lincoln IGA.  But she said moreover, this was a day of celebrating the dedication of Charlie, Corey and all the staff who vowed to come back and have done so.



Charlie Lee said, “Thank you all for coming.  We could never have gotten re-opened without our staff.  So appreciate them.  We appreciate Lincoln, they have been supportive every step of the way.”


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Horn said she was also appreciative of the store’s return.  She said that many people were thrilled to have the store return, and noted that many, including herself, had missed the IGA deli and were excited to be able to return to it.



Rohlfs said that as a representative of Ward three, she was excited to see the store come back.  She noted the many times that the IGA has supported local organizations and how important that kind of community spirit and spirit of giving is that Charlie displays.



Mayor Tracy Welch also spoke saying that he felt that Horn and Rohlfs had spoken well.  He concluded saying “Lincoln is very fortunate to have Charlie and his IGA family and we are so proud to have you back.”  He went on to say he wished the store many years to come in the community.




The large group gathered then squeezed in for a group photo before the cut.  Then with the prompt of three, two, one, snip, Lee with the assistance of Sutton cut the ribbon of the new store.


[Nila Smith]

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