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Tiffany Winebrinner snips the ribbon on her new USA Mortgage office in downtown Lincoln

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[July 19, 2022]   Thursday afternoon Lincoln welcomed another new business to the heart of the city with a ribbon cut for USA Mortgage located at 604 Broadway Street. The new business, owned by Tiffany Winebrinner was celebrated with a good turnout of folks to stand behind the ribbon with Winebrinner as well as several folks there to witness the event.

Those who joined Winebrinner behind the ribbon included her husband Brent, her parents Larry and Liz Barnes, Logan County Clerk Theresa Moore, Lincoln Alderwoman Wanda Lee Rohlfs, City Clerk Peggy Bateman, Mayor Tracy Welch, L.E.A.D. Director Andrea Runge, Logan County Tourism Bureau Director Alice Roate, and Logan County Fair Queen Caroline Ahrends. On hand representing USA Mortgage corporate offices was Brittany Pflum and Jeremy Knox. Karen Hargis and Nila Smith of Lincoln Daily News assisted with the ribbon cutting.

It was also noted that there were downtown business owners there to watch the ribbon cutting and welcome Winebrinner to the heart of the city. Among those were Michelle Bauer of Country Financial and Kathie Williams of Small Town Creations, and Seth Goodman and staff members from ME Realty.

The event began with a reminder as to why the cutting was taking place. Winebrinner has recently struck out on her own, partnering with USA Mortgage to open a new office, the first for the company in Lincoln.

Winebrinner was asked to say a few words. She noted that she wasn’t all that great at addressing crowds, but did want to say thank you to all those who had come for the cut. She is excited about her new adventure which was something she didn’t see herself taking on until the opportunity presented itself. She praised the folks she has worked with at USA Mortgage saying that they have been very helpful in getting her going and she looks forward to the future with the company.

Jeremy Knox with the company also spoke saying that USA Mortgage was delighted to be coming to Lincoln. They were excited about having Tiffany as part of the USA team. He said that her transition to USA had been quick and had gone well because she is perceptive and very easy to work with. He wished her all the best moving forward.

It was noted that this ribbon cut represented what the community wants to see, an investment by our younger people in their hometown communities. Wanda Lee Rohlfs echoed that sentiment saying that it is good to see younger generations take an interest in being a part of the local business community.

Lincoln Mayor Tracy Welch was the last to speak saying that he was quite proud of Winebrinner for taking the leap into her own business and appreciated her investment in the downtown area for her offices.

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With speeches concluded, Winebrinner and the group posed for the traditional pre-cut photo then when prompted, she snipped the ribbon on her new office.

The afternoon activities included an open house that was to run from right after the 2 p.m. ribbon cutting until 4 p.m. Food and beverages were offered inside and everyone was invited to come into the office, enjoy a snack and get acquainted with Winebrinner and USA Mortgage.



In addition to the food, guests had the chance to admire the “Welcome to Lincoln” gifts from other businesses in town and pick up some free swag courtesy of USA Mortgage.

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